Must Have Makeup — 2022-06-10 at 10:23 am

Popsicle-Stained Lips: The Hottest New Trend

Move over lipstick, there’s a new beauty trend in town – popsicle-stained lips! Whether you’re looking for an easy way to change your look or want something fun and different, this hot new trend will surely bring out the inner fashionista in all of us. From watermelon blue raspberry to strawberry banana, these yummy stained lips come in various irresistible flavors that are so good we might just be tempted to eat them off our faces (please don’t)! So pucker up your pout and join us as we explore the latest craze that has everyone talking.

Popsicle-stained lips: a how-to guide

With summer heat comes a favorite childhood treat: the popsicle. But, unfortunately, it also brings popsicle-stained lips! Don’t let this detract from your summer fun; follow our guide to help keep your lips stain-free and ready for all those Instagram-worthy smiles.

  • Step 1: Prep Your Lips

Before you enjoy any frozen treats, take a few minutes to prep your lips with some lip balm or petroleum jelly. The added layer will act as a barrier between your skin and the dye in the popsicles. This simple step prevents staining and keeps moisture locked in for softer lips overall.

  • Step 2: Choose Your Treats Wisely

Though it may be tempting to grab the most colorful and vibrant popsicle, opt for a lighter-colored choice. Stains usually occur when there is a greater concentration of dye or food coloring in an item, so it’s best to choose one with more natural ingredients.

  • Step 3: Eat Smartly

Once you have your treat, take small bites rather than large ones. Eating slowly allows the flavor to last longer and reduces the chance of staining your lips. If possible, you can also use a spoon instead of your hands; this will further minimize contact with the colored juices.

  • Step 4: Clean Up Right Away

When you’re done enjoying your frozen treat, make sure you clean up any remaining dye immediately with a damp cloth. This will ensure that any residual color is wiped away and doesn’t have time to set in as a stain.

  • Step 5: Pamper Your Lips

Once you’ve finished your snack, finish the process by slathering on more lip balm or petroleum jelly. Doing this helps lock in moisture, soothe any irritation from the cold treatment, and prevent further staining.

These easy steps can help you keep your lips free of popsicle stains all summer! So grab a frozen treat and enjoy your summer without worrying about stained lips. You deserve it!

Fun and flirty ways to wear pop-stained lips

  1. Go for a Sheer Look: Add a sheer layer over your lip stain for a subtle wash of color. This will create an ethereal yet fun look perfect for any occasion.
  2. Play Up the Color: If you want to amp up the color intensity, apply several layers of lip stain until you get the desired shade. This will make the color last longer and have more staying power throughout the day.
  3. Add Gloss: For extra shine and texture, top off your lip stain with a clear gloss or a hint of shimmer. This will add dimension and light to your overall look without taking away from its boldness.
  4. Pair With a Bold Eye: Balance out your lip look with bold eye makeup. Go for a smoky eye, bright liner or a combination of both. This will tie the whole look together and create an unforgettable style.
  5. Blot it Out: If you want to tone down the intensity of the lip stain, try blotting it off with a tissue after applying it. This will take away some of the color and give you more control over how vibrant it looks on your lips.
  6. Match Your Outfit: Use lip stain to add an extra pop of color to any outfit. Choose shades that match your overall ensemble or choose something brighter and unexpected for an added wow factor!
  7. Try a Different Shape: Try different shapes for added fun and flair for your lip stain. For example, create ombre lips, draw on a heart shape or use a lip brush to create unique lines — anything goes!
  8. Wear it Day or Night: Lip stain is the perfect choice for any occasion — day or night. You can always rely on this beauty essential from coffee dates to formal dinners to give you that extra touch of color and confidence.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with your look! With these tips in mind, you can easily create stunning looks with pop-stained lips that will turn heads wherever you go!